Jutarnji List - Picture 1
Jutarnji List - Picture 2
Jutarnji List - Picture 3
Jutarnji List - Picture 4

Work titled Series Jutarnji list, 2008 comprises seven graphic prints, realized in digital print. Series is a sequence of selected newspapers front pages dating from 2008.

Like a previous series titled Vase Series, this piece too deals with a paradigm of reproduction and meaning of the original in objects production. In the foundation of every serial production there lays a discernible material nihilism that annuls the particularity of one object in relation to the other.

Series Jutarnji list includes the reproduction of front pages in a following manner. On one side there are titles, while on the other there are, mirrorĀ like, singled out photos and illustrations. This points at the idea of (im)possibility of identicalness between the meaning of image and text, that present the objects of mass production.

In my visual artworks I employ exclusively the already existing objects. This evolves from my belief that the artists cannot create from nothing. However, the artists can create new contexts where the specificity, originality and uniqueness of each object become clearly readable.